We facilitate a number of projects in Guatemala beyond our volunteer teams. These projects are carried out by our missionaries and trained local national churches as a way to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ and reach the unreached in their respective communities.

  • Mission Educate Scholarship  –  We raise funds for scholarships that support families and keep their children in school. We work with local pastors to identify families in need and reach them with the Gospel.
  • Dignity House Construction    Construction teams work to build a house for a family currently living in a shed with a dirt floor. At the end of the project the teams meets to dedicate the house in prayer.
  • Family Food Box Ministry  –  We raise funds to provide monthly food baskets with basic food stuffs for families whose members are suffering from malnutrition. Local pastors help identify families in their community in need of food to serve as an outreach for the Gospel.
  • Water for Life  –  Churches raise funds to provide water filters for families who don’t have access to safe-drinking water. 
  • Vented Ovens for Homes  –  Construction teams install ovens in a homes where children are constantly breathing smoke. Members of our local church partners in Guatemala help to install these ovens so that they can connect with families and share the love of Christ with them. 
  • Medical Clinics  –  Our local church partners host medical clinics in their churches to meet the physical needs of their communities. After seeing doctors, patients receive medicine and sit down with pastors/church leaders to hear the Gospel.
  • Seminary Projects  –  The Guatemalan Baptist Theological Seminary is an important location for E3 Volunteers. Many of our teams spend nights there as they travel or even spend the whole week. We are constantly looking to improve the conditions of the seminary, and donations help with these renovations. A donation will also help to keep the seminary running during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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