Two churches (a USA “sending church” and a national “host church”) establishes a relationship to conduct strategic global Gospel activity together, primarily in the community and country of the host church.

3-5 years, it can be re-envisioned and renewed. 

The partnership is church to church, but both churches agree to make E3V the liaison between themselves.

First of all, it’s scriptural.  Most of all that the Apostle Paul did was to create and continue “fellowship in the Gospel”  among churches, ones that sent him and ones that he started. Secondly, it’s practical. Much more takes place within the context of ongoing relationships in which the churches can have a joint vision rather than going on unconnected mission trips to different places every year.

It’s simple…  Contact E3V and David will learn more about you and your hopes and vision for your church.  Then Salvador and Guatemalan Baptist leadership will begin to search for potential partners where the opportunities match up well with you.  David will share those options with you to pray over and consider. You can then choose one and plan your church exploratory trip to your potential partner.  Or you (and possibly selective leaders) can make a vision trip to see and meet your potential partners and then return home and make a decision about where to partner, then plan your first trip!

Once a date is set, Salvador chooses a Church Mission Team Mobilizer to coordinate all aspects of the trip between the sending and the host churches.  Through email, texts, and calls your mobilizer will help both churches communicate about needs and areas of ministry that each particular team be able to conduct.  Those things will be agreed upon and specific activities and schedules will be developed. David can obtain air travel for the team in communication with the team’s leader.  All field logistics to support the team while on the trip will be arranged and provided by your E3V mobilizer, in communication with the sending and host churches.

E3V provides an all-inclusive mission trip.  Your mobilizer will meet you at the airport with transportation and translators.  He will accompany, guide, counsel and assist you until he takes you back to the airport at the end of the trip.  All lodging, food, water, translators, transportation, love offerings and tips are included. Our job is to facilitate… yours is to minister.

Our smallest team has been three team members… our largest 129 team member.  Come on!

Anything that your church members can do.  Teams typically do VBS/Day Camp type activities in churches and schools; medical clinics; various kinds of construction;  leadership training; and sports and recreation.

Contact us for our latest country specific price for our trips. We offer an all-inclusive price per person for all in-country and E3V coordination costs, plus airfare. Team ministry materials (construction, medical, vbs, food bags, etc.) are estimated separately and each sending church determines how to budget or raise these funds.

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