Full-time Missionary Opportunities E3V currently has several national and international full-time missionaries. They each have different assignments according to their gifts and callings. These opportunities go beyond the short-term and intermediate-term volunteer experience. These are missionary appointments that are designed around the specific calling and gifting of each individual missionary and the specific field needs …

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Missionary Intern Specialist

Missionary Intern This experience is a 2-6 month assignment. MIS volunteers usually live with national families and serve as specialty missionaries in a local church and its missions. You can specialize in teaching english as a second language, music, sports and recreation, and teaching nutrition and health (both physical and spiritual and emotional). These ministry …

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Extreme Mission Team

Extreme Mission Team The team deploys for Forty Days to assist a national Baptist church plant a new congregation and church. The team goes to a remote village that is hard to reach and that has no evangelical church. The team will live in primitive conditions and do personal evangelism, small group Bible study, and …

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Summer Mission

Summer Mission A 1 month mission (This may be extended up to 2 months).  This is a favorite for university students. Here you are venturing out, but not  beyond your ability. You are stretching yourself. You will stay longer and experience more places and serve in more ways. It will be fairly familiar, much like …

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Church Partner Trip

Church Partner Trip Church Partner Trips do evangelism, medical ministry, construction, Vacation Bible School, sports and recreation and leadership training or just about anything that God has put in team’s group repertoire. One CPT option for university students is to engage in cultural exchanges with university and senior high school students. Such exchanges include sharing …

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