Full-time Missionary

E3V currently has several national and international full-time missionaries. They each have different assignments according to their gifts and callings.

These opportunities go beyond the short-term and intermediate-term volunteer experience. These are missionary appointments that are designed around the specific calling and gifting of each individual missionary and the specific field needs developed by our national Baptist partner churches and leadership.

If you feel called to full-time missions and would like to explore going through E3V, contact us and we will help you through the assignment and sending process.

“Whatever He says, ‘Do’, whenever He says, ‘Move’, wherever He says, ‘Go’, we will obey.” 

“It is not my task to discover what place missions has in my life, but rather to discover what place my life has in the mission of God.”

Vision Trip

Five Days

Church Partner Trip

Eight Days

Summer Mission

2-8 Weeks

Extreme Mission Team

Forty Days

Missionary Intern

2-6 Months

Full-time Missionary Opportunities


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